API Data Lake for Context-Aware Security

The Traceable API data Lake is a central repository that captures and stores ALL the data about ALL of your API calls over time. With the data lake, Traceable has the most complete API context to provide the most complete API security.
API Data Lake: the Foundation of Comprehensive API Security
The Traceable API Data Lake is a central repository for capturing and storing API traffic data for analysis. It captures ALL of your API calls (not limited to just malicious requests) which includes data such as information about actors accessing the APIs, infrastructure where the APIs are hosted, and dependencies on other APIs including 3rd party APIs.

With this broad and deep set of data. Traceable provides the most complete security context of your APIs by building API data flows, API usage patterns (normal and abnormal), and user activity sessions that can span over extended periods. Traceable then uses this knowledge to find malicious abnormal behavior.
Why an API Data Lake is Required for Complete API Security
  • APIs are the Universal Attack Vector What makes APIs so dangerous is that they expand the attack surface across all vectors. They present the largest attack surface we have ever encountered in the industry.
  • Normal vs. Abnormal Behavior Complete API security is contextually-informed, meaning, without context, you can't see and understand normal vs. abnormal behavior. Only looking at the edge, you don't have full context, therefore, it's a glorified WAF.
  • API Sprawl is Out of Control Development teams rapidly adopt, build or update internal/external 3rd party APIs to drive constant and frequent changes leading to new APIs being constantly released or updated.
Full Context Includes Awareness of
Data, Identity and Risk
  • Data Aware
    By addressing the vulnerability of the data itself, organizations can secure data regardless of where the APIs transmit it.
  • Identity Aware
    Traceable provides identity-aware API mapping, offering detailed visibility into API usage and enabling access control at both API and user levels.
  • Risk Aware
    With Traceable, you have the ability to detect and stop API threats based on the likelihood and impact that those threats might have on your business.
Traceable supercharges your API security with the power of the API Data Lake

Complete and Verifiable Audit Details

Enables API Catalog to provide audit teams with complete and verifiable details of all API activity (malicious and non-malicious). This is especially useful where logging is found to be insufficient.

Comprehensive Security and Compliance Testing

For APIs that are rarely used, Traceable can look at historical data and replay that for vulnerability scanning. Without the historical replay capability, only those APIs that are frequently exercised can be scanned.

Enhanced Threat Detection

In addition to all the legacy attacks, Traceable can detect and protect against long-lived complex attacks starting from the reconnaissance stage. These are slow and latent attacks whose impact culminates over a period of time.

API Data Loss Prevention

Traceable detects and tracks all activity around sensitive data and data sets, including which users and APIs have accessed it, when, from what service, and if it has been exfiltrated. All this is possible to see over long periods of time for even slow leaks using the data captured in the Traceable Data Lake.

API Threat Management

Forensics such as root cause analysis of attacks and other ad-hoc security analytics is made possible by using the data lake which provides advanced query capabilities over deep historical transaction data. This also includes the threat-hunting ability to detect advanced API fraud and API abuse use cases.

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The Traceable API Data Lake Is the Foundation of Comprehensive API Security
API Security Requires Full Context

For a comprehensive API security approach, you must have the full context for each API endpoint (awareness of data, identities, and risks associated with each API endpoint).

To build this full context you need to know the following:

The API Activity

What API calls are being made at the edge? Internally? What’s the sequence of calls?

The User Activity

What does user activity look like? What are their client details (like user agent, IP, geo)? and What data is the user accessing?

The Data Flow
Where is your data flowing? When does it leave your control? Which APIs are accessing it?

The API Execution

Which parameters get used? What do requests and responses look like? What content is in the headers and bodies?

Full context requires capturing and learning from EVERY API call

Understanding full context requires capturing and learning the details of every API call, over time. We call this “360 API context”.

The core of the Traceable platform is the API Data Lake – which enables complete API security that is context-aware, data-aware, identity-aware, and risk-aware.

Traceable captures and correlates EVERY API transaction, malicious or not, over time, because this is the only way to get a true full contextual understanding of your APIs and the attacks against them.

Traceable enables this data collection in multiple ways depending on the customer requirements – mirroring traffic, on the edge, in-app agents, and serverless. And it does this without impacting your applications.

360 API Context Enables Full API Intelligence and Protection

This extra-deep understanding of every API endpoint is the foundation for all the functionalities that Traceable provides. It’s always there in the background helping to make better decisions and do better analysis.

Some particular capabilities that are more accurate, more capable, or in some cases even possible are

  • Business logic attack protection
  • Protection from slow and low/hidden attacks
  • Protecting from zero-day attacks
  • Threat hunting and forensics
  • Tracking sensitive data flow and exposure
  • Tracking user behavior
  • Tracking application behavior
  • Preventing API fraud and abuse


A Comprehensive API Security Platform

Traceable’s comprehensive API Security Platform is powered by the API Data Lake. Based on the comprehensive 360 degrees insight about EVERY API in your ecosystem, Traceable provides four key customer values:

Security Posture management for your APIs
Automatic and Continuous API discovery that provides comprehensive visibility into all APIs, sensitive data flows, and risk posture – even as your environment changes.

Threat Protection for your APIs
Automatically detect and stop known and unknown API attacks, business logic abuse attacks, as well as API abuse, fraud, and sensitive data exfiltration.

Threat Management for your APIs
Explore the rich set of security and application flow analytics in the data lake that can be used by security analysts to hunt for hidden IOCs.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle for your APIs
Eliminate the risk of vulnerable APIs in pre-prod, perform rapid scans that maintain the speed of innovation, and automatically obtain remediation insights for developers to better secure their APIs.

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See how Traceable (and it's API Data Lake) helps you
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