Digital Fraud Prevention

Traceable's Digital Fraud Prevention is the proactive approach to emerging threats. Now, you can detect fraud in real-time, as well as anticipate fraudulent attempts before they happen, safeguarding critical customer data, and preventing potential financial losses.
What is Digital Fraud?
Fraud protection, typically seen as a solution outside of cybersecurity, has taken on a new dimension in recent times with APIs becoming increasingly prominent targets for criminals.

Digital Fraud is particularly dangerous as it manifests in various forms such as resource abuse, credit card theft, insider and synthetic identity fraud, misuse of gift cards, and account takeovers.

This prevalent threat landscape undermines the security of your digital assets, often leading to significant financial and reputational loss.
The Mounting Challenges of Digital Fraud
  • Evolving Threat Landscape As digital technologies advance, fraud tactics become more sophisticated, making it challenging for organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats.
  • Inadequate Security Measures Existing security solutions often fail to adequately protect against advanced persistent threats, leaving APIs - the gateways to crucial digital assets - vulnerable.
  • Balancing Security and User Experience Organizations struggle to implement robust fraud prevention measures without compromising on the speed, usability, and overall user experience of their digital platforms.
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API Security: The New Frontline in Preventing Digital and Online Fraud
APIs are integral to many digital services, including communication, marketing, and payment services. However, these APIs can also be exploited by criminals to carry out their activities.

Therefore, API security serves as a critical line of defense against digital fraud. By filtering out known fraudulent activities at API endpoints, organizations can protect their services and reduce their exposure to digital fraud.

This approach requires a thorough analysis of API traffic, focusing not just on known malicious IPs but also on account details, phone numbers, social media profiles, and device fingerprints.
The Traceable Advantage: Our Anti-Digital Fraud Capabilities
Comprehensive Threat Prevention

Leveraging advanced Graph Machine Learning, our solution offers a holistic approach to threat detection. It uncovers hidden correlations across multiple dimensions, providing a detailed view of fraud rings’ distribution, organization, and evolution.

Unique User and Entity Profiling

We utilize sophisticated API-based user profiling to create a unique ‘fingerprint’ for each user, going beyond traditional profiling methods. By recognizing individual habits, patterns, and behaviors, we enhance threat detection precision and identify coordinated attacks.

Proactive Anomaly Detection

Using these unique ‘fingerprints,’ Traceable actively flags anomalies, allowing swift mitigation of potential threats. Continuously learning from each interaction, we provide robust defense against advanced persistent threats, detecting and blocking fraudsters’ parked accounts before activation.

Key Benefits of Traceable's Digital Fraud Prevention

Anticipatory Threat Response

Averts threats by anticipating them before they materialize, offering organizations an upper hand in defending their assets.

Holistic View of Fraud Rings

Provides a comprehensive understanding of organized fraud, aiding in the breakdown of their operations and tactics, and obstructing their attempts at compromise.

Swift Mitigation of Potential Threats

Offers rapid response mechanisms, reducing the time from threat detection to resolution and minimizing potential damages.

Advanced Graph Machine Learning Capabilities

Unleashes the power of AI to uncover hidden patterns in data, enhancing detection capabilities, and improving decision-making in threat responses.

Continuous Learning from Each Interaction

Adapts and refines defenses with each encounter, ensuring your security posture evolves with the changing threat landscape.

Real-World Applications: Tackling Digital Fraud Head-On
  • Bots and Automated Attacks
  • Resource Abuse
  • Gift Card Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft and Account Takeover
  • Insider Fraud
  • Identity Fraud
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