Reduce Agency Risk With Mission Driven API Security

APIs are the connective tissue of modern agency technologies. Ensuring the security of the APIs that power your applications and systems is critical for public sector risk reduction. Traceable helps you discover and prevent attacks against your critical API infrastructure.
Zero Trust API Access for Advanced Data Protection
Zero Trust API Access actively reduces your attack surface by minimizing or eliminating implied and persistent trust for APIs.
APIs are Transforming Public Services
Public agencies are embracing IT modernization, significantly increasing the use of APIs. This shift presents unique security challenges and severe consequences for breaches. Visibility, protection, and proactive testing of APIs is a requirement for modern public sector security.

APIs are High Risk Assets

APIs introduce new attack vectors for threat actors to target the Federal ecosystem, from civilian to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Protecting the APIs that carry sensitive data, such as Citizen Information, Financial & Health Records, and Intelligence is increasingly difficult due to the highly distributed nature of modern applications.

Public Sector APIs are a Unique Challenge

The Public Sector is adopting the use of APIs to analyze data for faster decision making and security must be adopted as well. Federal Agencies face unique challenges in aligning API security to strategic plans, executive orders, and mandates, while solving for this issue with legacy solutions.

Designed Differently At The Core

Designed differently at our core, Traceable was architected from the ground up as an end-to-end API security solution, focusing on capturing, analyzing, testing, and securing the data within APIs. Traceables’s platform enables Zero Trust API Maturity and uniquely addresses capability gaps overlooked by other technologies, ensuring full compliance with federal mandate and executive orders.

Traceable Enables Public Sector API Security
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