Guest Inon Shkedy, a security researcher at Traceable and API project leader at OWASP Foundation, talks with Dave about the risks various types of insider threats pose to APIs, we have some follow-up from a listener closing on their home, Dave’s story is about a new wave of scams saying they are from the Social Security Administration, Joe’s got Deepfakes of Tom Cruise (thanks to Rachel Tobac for this one), and our Catch of the Day is from a listener named John’s son and a job interview scam he experienced.


Fay: Hello, and welcome to the Writing Alchemy Podcast! I’m Fay Onyx.

Chloe: I’m Chloe Williams!

Fay: Jasmine!

Jasmine: Uh… Oh, yeah! I’m Jasmine Diaz.

Chloe: Today is an extra special episode. [Fay: Mhm!] Today is the one hundredth episode of Writing Alchemy! Wohoo! Those of you who follow us on Twitter got to vote about this. And the result of the voting i-i-i-is that we are going to celebrate by playing our favorite bloopers.

We are going to start with my personal favorite. So, this one was where we were investigating the strange magical transformations that were happening in the sea. Diamond had just cast a water-breathing spell on all of us and we were diving down to investigate a mysterious cave near the kelp forest.

Jasmine (as Diamond): It may feel like we’re shrinking, but that is because everything has been magically enlarged.

Fay (as The Mysterious Echo): Feel like we’re shrinking… Shrinking… Shrinking…

Chloe (as Celia): I think the voice is coming from behind one of those giant amionies—Let me try that again. Amem— anem— anemomies— anemo— an— Oh, no!

Fay: Anemones?

Chloe: [Laughing] Anemomomies!

[More laughter.]

Chloe: In my defense, anemone is officially a hard word to pronounce. It’s— I looked it up and it’s on the list of hard words.