API Threats in the Cloud

A Deep-Dive on Automated API Discovery and Threat Protection for a FinServ and Real Estate Company

Exposure of PII (personally identifiable information) damages organizations in financial ways, but also in reputation. Companies using public-facing APIs require rigorous security to protect the data that flows through them. The ability to protect APIs is contingent on complete API Discovery and automated protection.

With granular visibility into APIs, companies are able to automatically identify sensitive data and establish their risk posture, detect and stop known and unknown API attacks, and analyze information in a data lake for threat hunting and forensic research.

Watch this session to learn:
- How Traceable customer, Houwzer, a real estate and financial services company, deployed Traceable’s API security platform, for visibility and protection of all APIs.
- How they secure tens of thousands of transactions each month, blocking daily API threats, and preventing data exfiltration.
- The steps they took with Traceable, for proper security to circumvent the need for additional dedicated teams while providing security directly at the API layer.