Data Loss Prevention in an API-Driven World

How APIs have Fundamentally Changed Data Security as We Know It

Since APIs now transmit the majority of sensitive data, DLP strategies need to evolve to include the API layer. Data Loss Prevention solutions have mostly focused on email attachments, cloud file shares and data transfer at the network layer. The gaping hole at the API layer for data loss needs to be filled, and we address the mechanisms to do that in this webinar – ultimately, we show how you can keep sensitive data secure in the real world where APIs are transmitting the majority of data.

Watch the webinar to learn:
- The fundamental data security challenges that APIs have brought to organizations.
- Why data loss prevention solutions, including DLP, CASB, and SASE, still don’t provide coverage at the API layer, and what we can do about it.
- How organizations can begin to apply advanced data protection and Zero Trust methodologies to the API layer, to eliminate implied or persistent trust for APIs.