Fortifying API Defenses: Unveiling the Latest OWASP API Top Ten Updates

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become the backbone of modern applications, enabling seamless integration, data sharing, and enhanced functionality. However, with the increasing reliance on APIs, the potential vulnerabilities and security risks associated with them have also escalated. The OWASP API Top Ten List provides valuable insights into the most critical security concerns faced by developers and organizations.

In this webinar, Inon Shkedy, a distinguished authority in the field of cybersecurity and lead author of the OWASP API Top 10 list, shares his insights about the newly updated OWASP API Top Ten List, shedding light on emerging threats and vulnerabilities that developers and security practitioners need to be aware of.

During this session, you will gain:
- In-depth understanding: Inon provides an overview of the updated OWASP API Top Ten List, including the rationale behind the changes and the impact on modern application security.
- Real-world examples: Drawing from real-world case studies, Inon shares examples of how API vulnerabilities can be exploited and the consequences they can have on organizations.
-Future trends: Inon discusses the evolving API landscape and offer insights into emerging security challenges and the necessary measures to address them.

Whether you are a developer, security professional, or IT decision-maker, this webinar is a must-watch for anyone involved in API development and security. Stay ahead of the curve and arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to protect your organization from the evolving threat landscape surrounding APIs.