Hacker vs. Traceable

An established API hacker puts their skills up against the Traceable API security platform

With the wide adoption of cloud-native and microservice-based apps, APIs have clearly become a favored attack vector for hackers. APIs get straight to the critical data, and make up the business logic of applications, making them a valuable target. Realizing this, WAF security tool vendors are now all claiming to protect your APIs too. But can they really? What does it take to do effective API Security?

In this webinar, established API hacker Alissa Knight puts her skills up against the Traceable API Security platform to see if its claims are true. She gives a closer look at some of her attacks on two intentionally vulnerable practice apps: crAPI and JuiceShop. She talks about her experience, her tactics and techniques, the lab setup, and her results.

Join Alissa Knight and Traceable to learn:
- Why it’s important to secure APIs differently than traditional web apps.
- What are some of the biggest API vulnerabilities to watch out for.
- How a hacker goes about attacking APIs.
- How you can protect your APIs and web applications from hackers like Alissa.