Zero Trust API Access: A Traceable Product Deep Dive into API Security Beyond Layer 7

The security industry is at a critical stage when it comes to the granular protection of sensitive data. While many solutions attempt to prevent sensitive data exfiltration, none have built functionality that can fully address the API layer.

Sensitive data flowing through APIs can be accessed by malicious users unless strong access control policies are in place. Using different criteria about the APIs (external, authentication, risk, etc), the most critical APIs can be protected with identity and context-based Zero Trust rules.

Join Sudeep Padiyar, Head of Product Management at Traceable, and learn:
- Zero Trust API Access and the Traceable platform.
- Insidious API attacks: How malicious users are accessing sensitive data flowing through APIs, and why most current solutions can’t see it.
- How threat actors can be identified based on various attributes correlating sensitive data access, and how they can be baselined for anomaly detection and controlled via data protection policies.
- How Authn and Authz mechanisms can be used to determine the broad restrictions to apply to secure data access at the API layer.