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API expansion creates an enticing attack surface, leaving security leaders grappling with the evolving challenges of API security.

Knowledge about API vulnerabilities is relatively recent. As APIs play an ever more crucial role in achieving product goals, it’s imperative to acknowledge common/public security lapses, unrecognized API proliferation, bad bots which target APIs, and the inadequacy of your organization’s current security tooling.

This Forrester report provides a checklist for security leaders to follow; expanding on the following critical components needed to achieve API Security:

  1. API Governance
  2. API Discovery
  3. Pre-Release Testing
  4. Authentication/Authorization
  5. API Security Policies
  6. Attack Detection
  7. Attack Response
  8. Securing Third-Party APIs

Who should read this?

IT and Security leaders considering API security will find a helpful checklist to follow, while gaining an understanding of the market and key considerations for API Security Platform evaluation.