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GigaOm Radar Report for API Security

API security is a growing concern, having become the largest attack surface for organizations now seeking solutions to secure their APIs.  However, the API security landscape is still evolving, with varying levels of protection. Evaluating API security products involves considering standards covered and depth of protection.

This GigaOm Radar report highlights key API security vendors, aiding decision-makers in selecting suitable options. For detailed evaluation criteria, refer to the companion report. This is our second year assessing the API security landscape. All solutions in this Radar report meet fundamental sector requirements:

  • API discovery and import
  • API analysis
  • API protection
  • API monitoring
  • API access control

Who should read this?

Both IT and Security leaders considering API security, this GigaOm report will help you to understand the market and what to consider when evaluating API Security solutions.

GigaOm Radar for API Security

Report author, Don Macvittie recommends looking “first at products that offer a broad solution set. The most complete products offer discovery, static analysis, dynamic testing, and protection.”

This GigaOm report is one of a series of documents that helps IT organizations assess competing solutions in the context of well-defined features and criteria.