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We engaged 691 IT and IT security practitioners to shed light on the challenges and opportunities within the realm of API security in the United States. 

Key Insights You Will Learn in the Report:

  1. Transformation & Risks: How 54% harness APIs for digital transformation, yet 60% face breaches from API vulnerabilities.
  2. Visibility Challenges: The struggle for 64% lacking deep visibility into their ever-evolving API ecosystem.
  3. API Security Preparedness: The disparity with only 42% continuously testing APIs, and confidence to combat only 26% of threats.
  4. Attack Surface Expansion: Understand why 57% see APIs as an expanding security risk across tech layers.
  5. Traditional Measures Falling Short: 56% find traditional security tools inadequate amidst the API complexity.
  6. Inventory Hurdles: 61% find it exceedingly tough to discover and catalog all APIs, given the rapid pace of API creation and updates.

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