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Join Traceable’s Co-founder and CTO, Sanjay Nagaraj, alongside Richard Bird, CSO, and Tyler Shields, VP, for a critical exploration into the evolving realm of API security. This session, tailored for today’s security leaders, promises a sharp, analyst-level discussion.

Our experts explain the transition towards context-aware API security, emphasizing the integration of diverse data for enhanced, proactive threat detection. The session will also highlights the coming partnership between API security and API gateways, a key element in fortifying digital defenses.

Expect a series of informed predictions addressing the rapid proliferation of APIs, the dynamic landscape of data security challenges, and anticipated major data breaches. This webinar is more than a forecast; it’s a strategic guide through the intricacies of API security’s future.

Designed to equip security executives with actionable insights, this session merges forward-thinking analysis with practical wisdom, preparing leaders for the challenges and opportunities of 2024.


Richard Bird
Sanjay Nagaraj
Co-Founder and CTO