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Gear up for an enlightening journey into the realm of API security as we kick off the new year with our exclusive API Security Masterclass! Led by renowned API security expert, Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear, these interactive sessions are not your average webinars – they are immersive experiences designed to empower everyone, from the curious developer to the seasoned hacker.

What to Expect:

  • Comprehensive Introduction to APIs: Dive deep into the fundamentals of APIs, demystifying their role in the digital landscape.
  • Identifying Vulnerabilities: Understand the intricacies of API vulnerabilities, gaining insights into potential threats that might compromise your systems.
  • Practical Testing Techniques: Equip yourself with the skills to actively identify and test API vulnerabilities, ensuring your applications stand strong against potential breaches.
  • Building Secure API Programs: Learn the art of crafting robust API security programs that stand the test of time, guided by Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear’s expertise.

Meet Your Guide: Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear

Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear, a trailblazer in API security, will be your guide throughout this masterclass. Benefit from her wealth of knowledge as she navigates through APIs, vulnerabilities, and the strategies to fortify your security posture.

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Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear
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