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In today’s interconnected world, the explosive growth of APIs is fueling innovation but also exponentially expanding the enterprise attack surface. Contextual API security is the answer, providing the holistic analysis needed for effective protection in a dynamic environment. This webinar explores how data points can be combined and transformed into context that drives actionable insights, considering factors like user request identity, API derived code and data flow, positive and negative behavioral analysis, along with API request content. Discover why this comprehensive, data-driven analysis is essential for:

  • Detecting subtle threats: Uncover attacks that blend in with legitimate API traffic.
  • Reducing false positives: Focus your resources on real risks instead of false alarms.
  • Adapting in real-time: Respond to threats as attack methods shift and evolve.
  • Scaling with API growth: Ensure your security approach keeps pace with your expanding digital footprint.


Tyler Shields
VP, Product Marketing