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Challenges, Threats, and Solutions in an Evolving Regulatory Landscape


APIs have revolutionized the financial services industry, enabling seamless integration, enhanced customer experiences, and innovative product offerings. However, this rapid adoption has also exposed organizations to a complex web of security risks, including data breaches, fraud, and regulatory compliance challenges.

Join us for a comprehensive webinar exploring the current state of API security in financial services. We cover the key findings of our upcoming industry survey, revealing the top concerns, vulnerabilities, and consequences of API-related data breaches.


Richard Bird, Traceable’s Chief Security Officer, will discuss:

  • The growing threat landscape: unauthorized access, data exfiltration, malicious bots, and the human element in API attacks
  • The regulatory impact: understanding the implications of FFIEC, OCC, CFPB, and PCI-DSS compliance on API security
  • The effectiveness of current solutions: evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of existing API security measures
  • Best practices and strategies: actionable recommendations for strengthening API security, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance

Whether you are a CISO, security architect, or business leader in financial services, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical guidance to understand and navigate API security and protect your organization’s critical assets.


Richard BIrd
Chief Security Officer