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APIs: From Vulnerable to Valuable Assets

In today’s digital world, APIs are the connective tissue between applications and your business, but with this growth comes a hidden threat: increased security risks.

This webinar, Treat Your APIs as Assets, will help show you how top financial institutions are leveraging MuleSoft & Traceable to manage and protect their APIs like valuable technology assets. Learn how to gain complete visibility into all your APIs, internal, external, and 3rd party. Discover best practices to secure them with robust cataloging and secure posture methods and protect them with API behavioral monitoring.

Join industry leaders Richard Bird, Chief Security Officer at Traceable, Mahendra Jadhav from Persistent Security, and Karthik Natarajan from MuleSoft as they share their expertise on treating APIs as strategic assets. They’ll address looming regulations and guide you through the process of transforming your APIs from potential liabilities into secure drivers of innovation.

Watch now to gain the practical insights you need to safeguard your API ecosystems, ensure data protection, and maximize the value of your digital infrastructure. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your APIs and secure your business!


Mahendra Jadhav
Associate Vice President - Integration BU
Persistent Systems
Karthik Natarajan
Architecture Leader, GTM at MuleSoft at Salesforce
Richard BIrd
Chief Security Officer