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Get ready for a financial revolution in the United States! With the CFPB’s imminent rulemaking, the buzz around Open Banking is electrifying. But here’s the twist—US banks aren’t panicking; they’re preparing.

To kick off the conversation, we look to the UK and the EU, where Open Banking set the stage for innovation. The key? Open Banking relies on published APIs and public standards. But here’s the catch: the bad guys are watching, too.

The big question: How do we protect these public APIs? Watch our webinar to explore this vital topic with Traceable CSO Richard Bird, VP Tyler Shields, and Ethical Hacker Katie Paxton-Fear. Learn from the UK and EU experiences and uncover strategies for securing Open Banking’s digital backbone. Our expert panel dive into API security, share practical insights, and discuss the role of regulations in safeguarding the future of finance in the US.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the financial transformation! Join us to discover how we can ensure Open Banking’s foundation remains safe and sound in a world where cybersecurity is paramount.


Richard Bird
Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear
Ethical Hacker