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Discover and secure your APIs, address systemic risk, and maintain stakeholder trust

When it comes to APIs, the challenge isn’t always obvious, and the attack types are more insidious. Most organizations simply do not know their current API inventory, and this is a major problem.

The reality – there are thousands of APIs in organizations, running on multiple clouds, and they are growing each day. And considering the complexity of APIs and given increasing API Sprawl, most organizations simply don’t have visibility into how many APIs they have, where those APIs reside, and what those APIs are doing.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  1. The factors driving API Sprawl and how to start addressing the real problem
  2. How the complexity of APIs contributes to further challenges and deeper API sprawl
  3. The consequences of not getting a handle on API sprawl
  4. How you can start to tackle API sprawl and benefit from a well-managed API ecosystem