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Product security teams need a clear path to secure generative AI integration. API security offers the visibility and control you need.

The explosion of generative AI has accelerated innovation, but security concerns linger for many organizations. Large language models (LLMs) introduce unique vulnerabilities, prompting rapid evolution in the ‘AI security’ landscape. Fortunately, you have a powerful tool within your existing infrastructure: your APIs.

By focusing on API security, you can monitor LLM interactions, manage sensitive data flows, and proactively address a wide range of threats.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to:

  • Uncover “Shadow AI” lurking within your applications: Identify LLM usage that may lack proper security oversight.
  • Protect sensitive data from leaks: Prevent confidential information from being exposed to LLM outputs.
  • Rigorously test LLM APIs: Ensure your LLM integrations are robust against common and LLM-specific vulnerabilities.
  • Detect and block malicious attacks in real-time: Stop attackers from exploiting your LLM-powered applications.

Take control of your generative AI security. Our latest whitepaper provides in-depth strategies, practical implementation guidance, and industry best practices to secure your applications.