Code to Cloud: Threat Correlation

Secure your cloud native applications with Traceable and Wiz

Social Proof

Cloudiness due to API Sprawl

Infosec teams need contextual behavior insights from code to the cloud stack to identify threats hidden in API sprawl

Context for Correlated Threats

Correlate threats and identify risky APIs across:

  • APIs
  • Kubernetes
  • Containers
  • Serverless
  • Infrastructure
  • Microservices


Prioritize Threats

Scale easily and securely

Track API behavior and correlate threat information

Automatic mapping of APIs to cloud deployments 

Quickly Identify Scope of Threat

Prevent Sensitive Data Loss via APIs      

API Data loss mapping with data stores protects sensitive data

Faster remediation with end-to-end threat visibility

Correlated Risk Across Wiz and Traceable

Complete Threat Correlation

Cloud context in Kubernetes and VM deployments across cloud services (with eBPF)

Deep visibility to prioritized threats

Wiz and Traceable Integration Solution Overview
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