Zero Trust API Access

Zero Trust API Access (ZTAA) is the world's first and only solution to actively reduce your attack surface, by minimizing or eliminating implied and persistent trust for APIs.
Zero Trust API Access:
the Next Evolution of Zero Trust Security
  • Eliminate Persistent Trust
    Actively reduce your attack surface by minimizing or eliminating implied and persistent trust for APIs.
  • Dynamic
    Data Access
    Define which users and roles can access different data types, at what times, from what geolocations and from what client types.
  • Advanced
    Data Protection
    Enhanced protection against API DDoS attacks and API Abuse for advanced data security; maintain compliance.
The API Security Reference Architecture for Zero Trust

How to operationalize Zero Trust Security at the API layer

The Industry's First API Security Reference Architecture for a Zero Trust World

Traceable’s API Security Reference Architecture is aligned with the NIST Zero Trust Architecture, a publicly available, vendor-neutral framework widely adopted by government entities, as well as by many leading cybersecurity vendors.

Download the reference architecture to learn:


  1. The key tenets and definitions of Zero Trust translated for APIs.
  2. What does Zero Trust need to account for at the API level?
  3. How organizations can operationalize API Security in their Zero Trust deployments.
Robust Capabilities to Achieve Zero Trust Outcomes

Continuous Adaptive Trust for Real-time Threat Prevention

Traceable’s ZTAA provides security that continuously adjusts to the organization’s threat landscape. This is achieved through real-time, context-based authentication and authorization for API access (both users and machines). Traceable can stitch APIs, as well as the data and user context, via flexible data collection options. This ensures that adaptive trust is enforced for APIs at the edge, as well as for all internal services, and 3rd party APIs.

The result is the right access for the right users and entities, at the right time, thereby protecting the business and its sensitive customer data.

Dynamic Data Access Policies Stop Data Breaches in their Tracks

With Traceable, you can detect and classify the data that APIs are handling, to apply proper policies. These policies define which users and roles can access different data types, at what times, from what geolocations and from what client types. With dynamic data access policies, you can quickly and easily create policies with out-of-the-box templates or customize policies based on organization needs.

Intelligent Rate Limiting Stops API Abuse

For example, data exfiltration policies enable you to control the incoming traffic to an API by automatically limiting the number of requests that the API can receive within a given period of time. After the limit is reached, the policy rejects all requests, thereby avoiding any additional load on the backend API. Access to APIs and sensitive data is therefore proactive and automatic, preventing potential data breaches.

Zero Trust API Access is the world’s first and only solution that
integrates API Security with Zero Trust Security initiatives
Data Protection and Data Access Views

The Data Protection and Data Access views, give a single pane of glass of user access to APIs. The notion of who is the user accessing the API, is being brought in from the user attribution and the authentication flow.

Once that happens, you can see in these views, the users from different domains. This is where you can see the patterns of access from different users, different domains, or different IP or location types, as well as the volumes of data being accessed.

This ultimately helps teams to understand which Zero Trust policies are potentially needed.

Zero Trust Policies

After looking at the data access patterns, you can begin implementing Zero Trust policies.

This includes granular user ID-based policy enforcement, with the ability to choose the access levels of specific domains and individual email addresses.

Protect Sensitive Data and Maintain Compliance

Choose numerous data sets to apply to data access policies, including GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance, as well as AWS Auth, Azure Auth, GCP Auth, and personal information for different geolocations, such as North America and the European Union.

Limit or expand the scope by choosing specific endpoints, or applying to all endpoints in your environment.

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