API Security Innovation – A Security Executive Perspective

Last week, Traceable’s Chief Security Officer, Richard Bird, sat down for a
fireside chat to discuss API security innovation and give his perspectives on the industry, emerging threats, and where API security is headed in the future. 

Richard began by discussing his career journey as a security practitioner, including his origins in application development, and eventually becoming one of the security industry’s foremost authorities on cybersecurity, including application security, identity access management, and zero trust security, to name a few. 

The culmination of his experiences through being an Appdev director, to IT operations, to a CIO and a CISO, has led him to Joining Traceable, to influence both the innovation and trajectory of the Company, but to also bring more awareness to the industry of the challenges and opportunities of API security.

Why Cybersecurity Innovation Has Slowed

After years of working on the enterprise side as well as the solutions side, Richard sees a tremendous about of friction when it comes to innovating in cybersecurity. That stifling of innovation in security actually has nothing to do with technology, and is more related to the fact that cybersecurity has really become engulfed in the corporate world. He used Eisenhower’s old statement about the military industrial complex — cybersecurity is now the corporate cybersecurity complex. It’s now rooted in organizational structures such as politics, budget fights, limited resources, among many other dynamics.

API Security Complexity: It’s Beyond Technology

API Security is nascent. It’s exploding in terms of the attack surface that needs to be managed and protected. API security is allowing us to further innovate, both in technology generally, but also in cybersecurity. It also means we can get closer to the ultimate goal of further embedding security into the beginnings of our software, to secure the data at its source — APIs.

API Security is where Richard Bird sees the world headed, and joining Traceable was simply a no-brainer. Why not join the best?


Here are the full event details and where you can find the replay, in case you missed it!

Join Traceable AI’s Chief Security Officer, Richard Bird, in an API Security fireside chat where he will explain how he has seen the security landscape evolve, new threat vectors emerging, and the impact of cloud transformation on cyber security risk posture. As a cybersecurity and IT operations industry veteran with nearly 30 years of experience, Richard has deep experience in protecting the interests of SaaS and financial services companies and turning information security into a competitive advantage. As a former CIO and a CISO, and global head of identity, Richard will share his unique perspective on how the industry is changing and what security and IT leaders should consider in their plans to address these new risks.







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