Drop-in API security for your Kong deployments

The Kong API Gateway is a great centralized solution that enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their APIs. For security, Kong offers capabilities such as access control, rate limiting, and authentication to help manage the basic protection of your APIs.

However, beyond the basic attacks lie increasingly sophisticated API cyber-attacks. To detect and protect against these new attacks a dedicated API security solution is needed that understands the application context and the user behaviors of the protected applications.

With the Traceable AI plugin for Kong, customers can deploy a modern API Security solution on their Kong gateway, providing an enhanced level of security protection for their mission-critical applications.

Powered by distributed tracing, Traceable AI is able to understand applications built on microservices architectures, enabling end-to-end security from user to data. Traceable AI can understand the inner workings of an application, track how it changes, and identify baseline behavior that allows it to surface anomalies that can be alerted on or immediately blocked – ensuring that your application is secure and resilient.

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Key Benefits

API Discovery

Traceable AI monitors stateless API traffic to reconstruct the full API DNA including the name, parent service, headers, parameters and payloads to provide full visibility and change management for external and internal APIs.

API Intelligence & Risk Monitoring

Per endpoint risk scores and threat indexes help prioritize focus. Risk scores are continuously calculated based on the likelihood and possible impact of an attack. Threat indexes show the current level of threat activity.

Prevent Sensitive Data Exposure

Pinpoint transactions where sensitive data is exposed. Identify API endpoints that handle sensitive data. See meta-data details of all data used by all endpoints. Identify external (north-south) facing APIs. Identify APIs endpoints without authentication.

OWASP API TOP 10 - API Protection

Ensure API protection, prevent the exploitation of API vulnerabilities that can lead to sensitive data loss. Protect against BOLA, Mass Assignment and other business logic vulnerabilities.

OWASP TOP 10 - Web Protection

Traceable AI analyzes web traffic as it passes through your application, blocking cyber-attacks before they can get your sensitive data. Protect against web application attacks such as SQL injections, Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and XML External Entities (XXE).

Security Analytics

Extract critical security insights from all transactions captured in a data-lake. Powered by machine learning, Traceable AI can surface potential threats and ensure you’re ahead of your attackers.

Resolve Threats Faster

Visualize security events as kill chains as executed by cybercriminals, helping to streamline threat analysis, forensics, and remediation.

Triage Attacks Faster

Decrease analysis time by reviewing aggregated security events without having to parse through hundreds of log files across microservices.

Perform Deep Forensics

Drill down into system behavior and identify the errors, users, URL, possible security events and relevant parameters needed to address the risk.

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