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API Security has become a recognized, critical set of capabilities that every organization using APIs should be implementing. Dozens of large-scale data breaches due to insecure APIs have been in the news from companies such as T-Mobile, Potus, Facebook, PayPal, and about nearly half of the automotive industry. API Security has become critical, and so vendors all now have API security offerings. But they aren’t all created equal.

Cloudflare is a well-known cloud service provider with many add-on services including application security. As with many application security vendors they now also claim API Security. But what’s the difference between what Cloudflare considers adequate API security and what the Traceable API Security Platform provides for effective API Security? Is protection driven only by OpenAPI specifications enough? How important is testing (being pro-active)? What’s the value in correlating and keeping all the data about transactions? Why isn’t a WAF with API rules enough?

Read this comparison to find out.