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The Basis for Context-Aware Security, Intelligence and Scalability

API security requires full context. This means learning behavioral patterns – both normal and abnormal – researching reconnaissance tactics, and identifying any unknown attack in the environment that did not have known signatures to protect APIs.

The entire point of a data lake is to power the full context of APIs, and support the use cases of the “unknown unknowns”. Since unknown threats, including zero-day attacks, make up the vast majority of attacks against APIs, a data lake is essential to constantly look for anomalous or malicious behavior.

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  1. The several use cases of API Data Lakes and how they provide value to security practitioners.
  2. Why an API Data Lake is required for context-based API security
  3. How an API Data Lake powers several capabilities, including, discovery and security posture management, compliance and API testing, threat detection, API DLP, and threat management.