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Watch an exclusive webinar on the most comprehensive study on API security this year. 

The report surveyed 1,629 cybersecurity experts from the US, UK, and EU, and offers a deep dive into API security dynamics.

We’re honored to have Larry Ponemon, the founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Richard Bird, the Chief Security Officer of Traceable, as our distinguished speakers. Together, they unpack the report’s findings, and offer their expert analysis and recommendations. Their combined expertise promises a nuanced understanding of the report and the evolving challenges of API security.

Why Watch?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of API security.
  • Learn from industry leaders about best practices and strategies to fortify your defenses.

A Few Report Highlights:

  • 60% of organizations experienced an API-related breach in the past two years; 74% experienced at least 3.
  • Learn about the top three root causes of API breaches: DDoS attacks, known attacks, and fraud, abuse, and misuse.
  • Understand the profound aftermath: Over 50% faced financial repercussions, brand value erosion, and loss of intellectual property.


Larry Ponemon
Ponemon Institute
Richard Bird