Manage your external attack surface with new Traceable Sonar


The Growing Importance of API Security

In today’s interconnected digital ecosystem, APIs have become the backbone of business operations, enabling seamless integrations and driving innovations. However, as organizations increasingly rely on APIs for monetization, these interfaces have also become prime targets for cybercriminals. A staggering 74% of organizations experienced at least three API-related data breaches in the past two years. With 60% of organizations reporting a breach in this timeframe, it’s evident that API security is a recurring concern.

The numbers are alarming. A significant 34% reported experiencing 3-4 breaches, indicating deep-rooted vulnerabilities and insufficient remediation measures. Even more concerning, 40% suffered from five or more breaches. These statistics underscore the urgent need for robust API security measures, especially when 11% of organizations reported more than seven breaches, highlighting chronic security issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic added another layer of complexity. As businesses pivoted from in-person operations to remote ones, the reliance on APIs grew exponentially. This shift further amplified the risks, with 58% of respondents either strongly agreeing or agreeing that APIs expand the attack surface across all layers of the technology stack. As security professionals, safeguarding these APIs from breaches and ensuring their integrity is paramount.

Challenges in API Security

Securing APIs is not a straightforward task. The challenges are dynamic and multifaceted. A significant 48% of respondents highlighted the prevention of API sprawl as a primary concern. This reflects the rapid proliferation of APIs in modern enterprises, where multiple APIs can often serve overlapping functions, leading to management and security nightmares.

Close behind, 39% of organizations identified the challenge of maintaining an accurate inventory of APIs. In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, where new APIs are frequently developed and deprecated, keeping track becomes a Herculean task. Additionally, 30% of respondents pointed out the challenge of managing third-party access, emphasizing the risks associated with external integrations and partnerships.

Introducing Traceable Sonar: A Game-Changer in API Security

Amidst these challenges, Traceable Sonar emerges as a beacon of hope. The newest offering from Traceable, Sonar is engineered to offer an outside-in evaluation of a company’s digital assets. It’s instrumental in bolstering an organization’s security stance by meticulously scrutinizing public assets like APIs, servers, domains, and more.

With its advanced scanning prowess, Traceable Sonar efficiently identifies and catalogs these assets, granting security teams a panoramic view of their external attack surface. But it doesn’t stop at discovery. Sonar delves deep into these assets, pinpointing vulnerabilities an attacker might exploit. By mirroring the probing techniques attackers use, Traceable Sonar equips organizations with critical insights into potential security loopholes.

Seamless Integration with Traceable Sonar

Initiating Traceable Sonar is a breeze. Simply provide a domain, and Sonar will commence scanning for related assets, catalog them, and then probe each for potential weaknesses. The best part? No installation is required on the client’s end, eliminating the need for additional resources or involvement from teams like DevOps.

Sonar streamlines the process for organizations to fortify their attack surface. All that’s required is the domain in question, and Sonar handles the rest. Unlike the traditional inside-out approach to API security, Sonar doesn’t necessitate any software deployment by the client. This ensures that security professionals can harness the full potential of Traceable Sonar without overloading development or operations teams.

In conclusion, while Sonar offers myriad benefits, it shouldn’t replace inside-out API security tools, such as vulnerability scanners. Both strategies are complementary, offering a comprehensive view of the attack surface. To learn more, request a demo with a security expert.



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