5 Cybersecurity Leaders to Follow in 2023

In the sphere of cybersecurity, staying ahead is crucial. It’s a field defined by anticipation and readiness, with the success of security measures often hinging on the ability to predict and prepare for potential threats. Cybersecurity is no longer a niche topic, but a global concern integral to the continuity and safety of our digital lives.

The individuals leading this industry are not just experts in their field; they are visionaries continuously pushing boundaries to keep our digital world secure.

To better understand this dynamic and critical industry, it’s important to recognize the leaders who are making significant impacts. 

These are five cybersecurity leaders you should follow in 2023. Their contributions to the field have revolutionized our understanding of cybersecurity and paved the way for the next generation of cyber professionals.


Kelly Shortridge


Kelly Shortridge is currently the Senior Principal of Product Technology at Fastly. Kelly is also the lead author of “Security Chaos Engineering: Sustaining Resilience in Software and Systems” (O’Reilly) and is best known for their work on resilience in complex software systems, the application of behavioral economics to cybersecurity, and bringing security out of the dark ages. Shortridge has been a successful enterprise product leader as well as a startup founder (with an exit to CrowdStrike) and investment banker. 

Shortridge frequently advises Fortune 500s, investors, startups, and federal agencies and has spoken at major technology conferences internationally, including Black Hat USA, O’Reilly Velocity Conference, and SREcon. Shortridge’s research has been featured in ACM, IEEE, and USENIX, spanning behavioral science in cybersecurity, deception strategies, and the ROI of software resilience.

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts is a researcher, hacker and the CISO of Boom Supersonic. He has previously served as a vCISO or advisor for a number of entities and organizations around the globe. His most recent projects are focused within the threat intelligence, identity, cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and services space.

Roberts is known for his straightforward approach and has been candid about the need for improved information security. With a career spanning over two decades, he has been at the frontlines, studying and combating cyber threats. Roberts has leveraged his deep understanding of system vulnerabilities to help organizations bolster their defenses and protect sensitive information.

He has a reputation as a disruptive force, pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom in cybersecurity. Perhaps most notably, he made headlines for allegedly hacking into an airplane’s flight control system while on board, demonstrating the potential vulnerabilities in critical systems and stirring a dialogue about the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures in all areas of technology.

Roberts is often sought after for his expert commentary and analysis on cybersecurity issues, speaking at conferences, delivering lectures, and contributing to media coverage on cybersecurity.


Chase Cunningham

Dr. Chase Cunningham (often referred to as “Dr. Zero Trust”) is one of the most respected experts in the cybersecurity field, specifically within the paradigm of Zero Trust, an IT security model that requires strict identity verification for every person and device trying to access resources on a private network. (he’s also a Traceable advisor)

Dr. Cunningham holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Colorado Technical University and has a deep background in cyber forensic investigations, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention technologies. His research and work have made him a leading voice in network behavioral anomaly detection and APT defense.

Previously, he served as a cybersecurity advisor at Forrester Research where he helped organizations achieve and maintain a state of Zero Trust security. His role involved working with senior business and IT executives to develop cost-effective, high-performing security programs that align with business demands.

Dr. Cunningham is also a retired United States Navy Chief with over 19 years of experience in cyberforensic and cyber analytic operations. He was involved in multiple counter-terrorism and cyber warfare operations during his military service.

In addition to his professional roles, Dr. Cunningham is also an author and contributes to various cybersecurity publications, sharing his expert insights and experience on a wide range of security topics. He is an influential voice in discussions surrounding the future of cybersecurity and its intersection with technology and business operations.

Nina Schick


Nina Schick is a political commentator, author, and public speaker, specializing in how technology is reshaping politics in the 21st century.

Born in Germany and multilingual, Schick has a multinational perspective, which she applies to her understanding and interpretation of global political events. Her expertise lies in the European Union, Brexit, and the impact of rising digital technologies on democracy, a subject she thoroughly explores in her book “Deepfakes: The Coming Infocalypse.”

She has advised global leaders, including Joe Biden and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary-General of NATO. She’s also a regular commentator on international broadcast media including BBC, Sky, and Bloomberg, and has written for publications such as The Times and The Telegraph.

Schick’s work delves into how technology is evolving, particularly focusing on the disinformation landscape, deepfakes, synthetic media, and their potential impact on political stability and security. Her work on these topics positions her as a leading voice in the conversation around cybersecurity and technology’s influence on politics.

Gal Helemski


Gal Helemski is the Co-Founder and Chief of Innovation & Product of PlainID, a leading authorization company.

Throughout her career, Gal Helemski has consistently showcased her innovative spirit and technical prowess, establishing herself as a strong leader in the realm of cybersecurity. 

At PlainID, she has been instrumental in building a robust, policy-based access control solution that enables organizations to simplify their authorization systems. Under her leadership, the company has developed advanced solutions that grant permissions to data and resources in real-time, helping businesses maintain high security while also facilitating efficient operations.

Prior to founding PlainID, Helemski gained considerable experience in the software industry, particularly focusing on software development, product management, and identity-related products. This background has given her a unique perspective on how to approach authorization and access management, enabling her to develop solutions that are not just technically sound but also align with the needs of the businesses using them.

She’s known for her ability to drive product vision, her passion for innovation in access management, and her commitment to creating business-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on security. Her work in PlainID reflects her vision to simplify complex authorization models without compromising the depth of control, achieving a balance that has been a game-changer in the cybersecurity space.


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