‘Dr. Zero Trust’ Chase Cunningham Joins Traceable as an Advisor 

Traceable will leverage Cunningham’s industry-defining expertise to educate organizations on the intersection of API security and Zero Trust.

Today we are excited to announce that Chase Cunningham, known as “Dr. Zero Trust” in the cybersecurity industry, will join Traceable
 as an advisor! Cunningham will work alongside Zero Trust creator John Kindervag, also named an advisor this month, to define the intersection of API security and Zero Trust. Together, they bring nearly 50 years of combined cybersecurity experience and unparalleled expertise in the application of Zero Trust frameworks. 

The Intersection of Zero Trust Security and API Security

Traceable will tap Cunningham’s specialized knowledge to educate the market on the significance of API security, direct product strategy and establish a blueprint for the convergence of Zero Trust Security and API security going forward. 

“While the industry is increasingly recognizing the overwhelming danger posed by APIs, many security practitioners and developers still consider them an afterthought,” shared Cunningham.

“The fact of the matter is that you cannot have zero trust if you don’t secure the APIs you’re using. APIs tie businesses together, and access must be granted with a critical eye to minimize disruption and risk. Traceable’s commitment to stopping API exploits and attacks for its customers will enable it to bring API security to the forefront of the industry. I am thrilled to be a part of that journey.”

Join us at the RSA Conference 2023

Cunningham joins Traceable ahead of this year’s RSA Conference, where he will attend alongside the Traceable team and fellow advisor Kindervag. Cunningham has extensive experience in all aspects of enterprise security. Most notably, he is the creator of the Zero Trust eXtended framework (ZTX).

His decades of operational experience supporting the NSA, U.S. Navy, FBI Cyber, and more gives him both a unique insight into the mentality of attackers and an acute understanding of the threats the industry and Traceable’s customers are facing. 

“The cybersecurity industry continues to talk about APIs as the ‘next category to watch,’ but the time for needing API security is already here. APIs enable increased technological integration. As a result of this benefit, ignoring API security leaves companies increasingly open to compromise from all angles,” said Traceable Co-Founder and CTO Sanjay Nagaraj.

“We are excited to work with Dr. Zero Trust himself, as he not only understands the significance of Traceable’s mission to protect every API, but brings a remarkable amount of practical and intellectual expertise to the team. A leading evangelist in the building and application of these access frameworks, he understands the urgency for a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

In working with both Chase Cunningham and John Kindervag, Traceable is ready to define what’s next for the intersection of zero trust and API security.”

To hear more from Traceable, learn about Zero Trust API Access or learn more online at https://traceable.ai/request-a-demo.



About Traceable 

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