Traceable AI Introduces World’s First Zero Trust API Access (ZTAA) Solution

Today we announce an industry first — Zero Trust API Access! We are thrilled to offer such an innovative solution to our customers and the cybersecurity industry. This is a milestone, not just for Traceable, but for the security market as a whole, and we’re excited to share the solution highlights and benefits with you.

As we know, Zero Trust is often associated with network and identity access management. However, while those solutions are important and necessary, the evolution in infrastructure and the onset of new attack surfaces require us to expand our perspective and include the API layer in security strategies.

Why the Next Evolution of Zero Trust MUST Include API Security

  1. Most current API security solutions are only looking at the edge — you can’t achieve full context or Zero Trust level protection from there.
  2. Today’s cloud-based, API-driven, microservices-based applications, all extensively operate using APIs to communicate between users and NPEs (non-person entities) to apps, and between apps and app components.
  3. Expanding Zero Trust concepts to the API layer helps ensure Zero Trust coverage of applications at the communications layer of the application stack.

Given these realities, it’s now time to expand Zero Trust to include the API layer for complete API security.

As the industry’s first and only solution in the market, Traceable’s Zero Trust API Access actively reduces your attack surface by minimizing or eliminating implied and persistent trust for your APIs. 

“You cannot have true Zero Trust without API security”, said Sanjay Nagaraj, CTO of Traceable. “Traceable’s Zero Trust API Access provides a guiding principle for API security architectures for enhanced data protection, security posture and resiliency. APIs are the universal attack vector, and if companies truly want to take the Zero Trust framework seriously, protect their data and create an environment that enables the ability to grow securely, they need a solution that is both strategic and tactical.” 

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Zero Trust API Access (ZTAA) provides enterprises considerable business benefits including:

  1. Dynamic Data Access policies stop data breaches in their tracks: With Traceable, you can detect and classify the data that APIs are handling, to apply proper policies. These policies define which users and roles can access different data types, at what times, from what geolocations and from what client types. With dynamic data access policies, you can quickly and easily create policies with out-of-the-box templates or customize policies based on organization needs.
  2. Continuous Adaptive Trust for real-time threat prevention: Traceable’s ZTAA provides security that continuously adjusts to the threat landscape of an organization. This is achieved through real-time, context-based authentication and authorization for API access (both user and machine). Traceable can stitch APIs, as well as the data and user context, due to the multiple data collection options available. This ensures that adaptive trust is enforced for APIs at the edge, as well as for all internal service to service APIs and 3rd party APIs.The result is the right access for the right users and entities, at the right time, thereby protecting the business and its sensitive customer data.
  3. Intelligent Rate Limiting for API abuse prevention: API rate limiting enables organizations to control the incoming traffic to an API by automatically limiting the number of requests that the API can receive within a given period of time. After the limit is reached, the policy rejects all requests, thereby avoiding any additional load on the backend API. Intelligent rate limiting factors in the rates for users, proxies, bots, and the business function of APIs.This provides enhanced protection against API DDoS attacks, reduces load on backend APIs, honors SLAs, and reduces costs often associated with 3rd party APIs. Access to APIs and sensitive data is therefore proactive and automatic, preventing API abuse.
  4. Security becomes a business enabler: When combined, Zero Trust Security and API Security create a holistic and robust security approach that actively mitigates the risks associated with accessing sensitive data via API. This comprehensive approach helps protect sensitive information but also fosters a secure environment for innovation and growth. Organizations can now confidently offer new products and services, turning security from a hindrance, into a catalyst for continued growth.


Traceable’s Zero Trust API Access is essential to aligning Zero Trust implementations with the realities of today’s application architectures and extending the Zero Trust Security model to the full application stack. 

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About Traceable

Traceable is the industry’s leading API Security company that helps organizations achieve API protection in a cloud-first, API-driven world. With an API Data Lake at the core of the platform, Traceable is the only intelligent and context-aware solution that powers complete API security – security posture management, threat protection and threat management across the entire Software Development Lifecycle – enabling organizations to minimize risk and maximize the value that APIs bring to their customers. To learn more about how API security can help your business, book a demo with a security expert.