Traceable Named a “Leader” in the 2022 GigaOm Radar for API Security

Traceable has been named a Leader in the GigaOm Radar Report for API Security, and we are thrilled to be included and acknowledged in this emerging space!

GigaOm Considerations for Leadership

In order to rank as a leader in GigaOm’s Radar for API Security report, a company must balance maturity and innovation along with feature plays vs platform plays. GigaOm recognizes solution stability, strength of the ecosystem, and a conservative stance as “maturity.” To be considered a platform player, the products must address several API security components, as opposed to the point solution approach of a feature player. A Platform play displays a broad platform focus with a commitment to a comprehensive feature set.  

According to the API Security Radar Report:

  • “APIs are quickly becoming the largest attack surface in applications.” Understandably, “protecting those APIs is becoming as important as protecting web properties hosted across the same infrastructure.”
  • API security is important because “there are more APIs deployed daily, and many organizations have not kept up with API-specific security.”


Traceable is Called Out Specifically for our Robust API Security Capabilities

According to the report, Traceable “offers API Risk Posture Management, API Attack Protection, and assistance with API Threat Hunting. The tools enable discovery and importing of APIs; protection from attacks, both known and unknown; and assistance in tracking down the trails that lead to a successful attack. The product supports SOAP, REST, GraphQL, and gRPC, among other protocols. The solution merges the best of the available approaches to import APIs, with auto-discovery augmented by the ability to feed in specific APIs. It places all discovered and imported APIs into a catalog that IT can then access to see the extent of its API footprint.”

“We are honored to be named a ‘leader’ by GigaOm for our product capabilities in its recent API Security Radar,” stated CEO and Co-founder of Traceable Jyoti Bansal. “Organizations need API security solutions that address risk across the entire API lifecycle. This report indicates the widespread need as well as the accelerated growth of this category. Our recognition by GigaOm as a Leader in API security validates our strategy and ability to address the evolving needs of customers today.”

For this report, GigaOm analysts reviewed and scored API security providers using the GigaOm Radar. This chart characterizes vendors on two axes: Maturity versus Innovation as well as Feature Play versus Platform Play, providing a projection for each solution’s evolution over the next 12-18 months.

To help executives get an understanding of the market and select for the solution ‘short list,’ GigaOm published, “Radar for API Security” written by the VP of research Don MacVittie.

Don writes,

“Our recommendation is to look first at products that offer a broad solution set. The most complete products offer discovery, static analysis, dynamic testing, and protection, while others focus on one or two features and aim to do them really well. Traceable are firmly in the Leaders circle, and comfortable with the product they’ve produced.”

Traceable Has Made Many Strides this Year

“Traceable has made significant investments over the past year, including its enhanced API Catalog enabling organizations to overcome their challenges with API discovery and risk assessment; adding extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) data to its platform for deeper API observability and visibility; and enhancing its Platform capabilities to address more specific types of API attacks, including API abuse and misuse, fraud and malicious API bots,” added Bansal.


The Bottom Line

Traceable performs strongly as a platform player for GigaOm, and we couldn’t agree more. We believe that in order to solve API Security concerns, enterprises need a single API Security platform that includes API Discovery, Protection, Testing, and Analytics. We have built a platform that will identify all APIs, evaluate your API risk posture, and stop API attacks that may lead to incidents such as data exfiltration. With the Traceable API Security platform, we empower enterprises to discover, manage risk, and secure all APIs while quickly deploying and scaling to meet the needs of the organization.

Read the full 2022 GigaOm Radar Report on API Security here. For a live discussion on the report, join Traceable’s Chief Security Officer Richard Bird and GigaOm analyst Don MacVittie on November 3 at 11 a.m. PST. To learn more about API security with Traceable, visit https://traceable2024.wpengine.com.


About Traceable

Traceable is the industry’s leading API security platform that identifies APIs, evaluates API risk posture, stops API attacks, and provides deep analytics for threat hunting and forensic research. With visual depictions of API paths at the core of its technology, its platform applies the power of distributed tracing and machine learning models for API security across the entire software development lifecycle. Book a demo today.