I am both proud and excited to announce that Traceable was selected as the winner of the “Next-Gen Cyber Security Artificial Intelligence” category at this year’s Global InfoSec Awards event at RSA 2021. (press release)

This is another validation of our vision and a reflection of the incredible team who are building and bringing Traceable to market to help address the rapidly growing threats to APIs and applications.

When we started Traceable in 2018, we could see that the world of application security was becoming significantly more challenging.  In fact, we had a few core beliefs about why the market needed a better solution:

We believe

  • The threats are inside the application and security needs to be from the inside out
  • Change is now continuous so security must be able to adapt to continuously changing threats and continuously changing applications/vulnerabilities
  • Security is not simply a department or a job title – it’s a team effort (Architects, Engineering and Developers, Operations, and information security). Everyone is responsible for security.

Our beliefs supported our vision for how to help solve the challenges that developers and security professionals are facing.

Our vision

Combine application observability with AI/ML-based security in order to support the whole team. (everyone is responsible for security)

  • They need to know and understand the inner workings of the application (security on the inside)
  • Use AI and ML to automatically detect changes (new APIs, new services) and learn autonomously and continuously
  • Block threats in real-time and provide accurate information to the entire team

As we look to the future, we will continue to iterate and evolve Traceable to serve the needs of the entire (extended) security team, ‘shifting left’ and improving security across the entire SDLC.


The Evolution of Application Security: Where We Go Next


As you know, over the past 24 months, the adoption of APIs and microservices have exploded, resulting in a massively increased attack surface. At the same time, the rapid pace of digital transformation meant security models for these new architectures are not able to keep up to date. Traceable enables security to keep up with engineering and the continuous pace of change and protect all applications from modern cybersecurity threats. Traceable is the first end-to-end application security monitoring platform that uses distributed tracing and unsupervised machine learning and artificial intelligence to continuously analyze data and decipher normal application behavior from abnormal activity.  

That’s what makes Traceable special and unique. . . Security from the inside out. Security that continuously evolves.

I want to thank our customers, investors, and the entire Traceable team for their support and contributions.

We would love to hear from you and learn about your security challenges.