Another Milestone! Traceable Wins the 2023 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award

Big news, everyone! We’re thrilled to share that Traceable has clinched the
CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for 2023! 

In a world where digital advancements are both a boon and a bane, navigating through the complex world of cybersecurity can be quite the adventure. And guess what? Our innovative approach to API security has been recognized as a true game-changer!


Navigating Through the Cybersecurity Labyrinth

Navigating through the intricate maze of cybersecurity, from intrusion detection and prevention to cloud security and vulnerability management, can be a daunting task for organizations. The annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program aims to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of cybersecurity companies and solutions on the market today, spotlighting those that truly stand out in the cybersecurity crowd and break through the information security noise.


APIs: The Universal Attack Vector

APIs, the digital framework that underpins all modern organizations, have emerged as a universal attack vector, expanding the attack surface across all vectors and presenting the largest attack surface the industry has ever encountered. While APIs facilitate the sharing of information between services, they can inadvertently expose organizations to vulnerabilities, especially concerning the sharing of sensitive data. Once an API is compromised, the potential for significant financial and reputational damage is immense.


Traceable’s Unparalleled API Security

Traceable, recognizing the criticality of API security, has pioneered the world’s first and only solution to actively reduce an organization’s attack surface through its Zero Trust API Access (ZTAA). ZTAA works by minimizing or eliminating implied and persistent trust for APIs via dynamic data access policies. Organizations can identify which users and roles can access certain data types, at what time, and from what geolocation, thereby safeguarding sensitive customer data and protecting the business.

Moreover, the core foundation of the comprehensive Traceable API Security Platform is the API Security Threat Lake, which understands every detail of all your APIs and the data associated with them.

By collecting data on runtime details such as sensitive data flows, API call maps, API usage behavior, user details, event details, threat activity levels, and more, the Threat Lake provides unparalleled security context, a function that no other solution can claim without a threat lake as a vital component of their solution architecture.


A Shining Badge of Excellence

Snagging the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award is not just a win; it’s a shining badge of Traceable’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding organizations from the ever-present and ever-evolving threats in today’s digital world. It’s a nod to our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation in crafting solutions that go above and beyond in meeting the cybersecurity needs of organizations amidst the complex global threat landscape.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, whose relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence has propelled Traceable to new heights. We also extend our sincere thanks to our valued customers and partners for their unwavering trust and support. 

Together, we will continue to forge ahead, breaking through the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow and safeguarding a digital future where organizations can operate with confidence and assurance in the security of their APIs.



About Traceable

Traceable is the industry’s leading API Security company that helps organizations achieve API protection in a cloud-first, API-driven world. With an API Data Lake at the core of the platform, Traceable is the only intelligent and context-aware solution that powers complete API security – security posture management, threat protection and threat management across the entire Software Development Lifecycle – enabling organizations to minimize risk and maximize the value that APIs bring to their customers. To learn more about how API security can help your business, book a demo with a security expert.