Traceable AI has had an incredible few months continuing to build more capabilities into our platform design to improve API security. 

What follows are our developments that occurred during the month of February 2022.

Note: Traceable Platform Agents and Tracing Agents receive continuous feature updates independent of monthly platform updates.

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AWS Lambda support now available in Traceable AI!

Traceable AI now supports environments with serverless architectures from AWS Lambda. 

Serverless architecture allows App Development teams to develop and launch new applications without managing the underlying infrastructure that powers them. The technology helps concentrate teams on the work they do best versus time spent on server management.

Traceable Python Agent for AWS Lambda 

For customers seeking both the benefits of distributed end-to-end tracing and serverless architecture, we have created our Traceable Python Agent for AWS Lambda.

Customers with serverless architectures can use Traceable AI for their API security by collecting data for requests flowing through lambda functions written in Python.

Secure your APIs in your serverless environment with Traceable AI

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Tag data as sensitive for greater data privacy 

Redact or obfuscate sensitive data before hitting Traceable AIs backend.

Traceable AI now offers predefined dataset types designed to streamline how sensitive data moves within the network.

Finance, Governmental, or other organizations with compliance requirements may require PII or other sensitive data to be shielded when traversing the network via data calls. To meet regulations, customers need a solution that can detect, then redact or obfuscate sensitive data quickly.

Create policies to redact or obfuscate sensitive data

Traceable AI now has pre-defined datasets to more easily handle sensitive data. Sensitive data flowing through the network via API calls will be detected and tagged automatically based on the most common regulatory definitions. Users also have the ability to create custom definitions for increased versatility. 

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Configuring sensitive data with Traceable AI.

Other improvements released during the month of February

Expanded Cookie Scanning 

Traceable AI now is able to parse the structure of cookies embedded into requests and responses. 

The development detects malicious patterns in both the body and header of each cookie parameter, where previously, attacks may go undiscovered. The improvement strengthens the security stance of organizations with significant web traffic as they attempt to gain greater visibility to potential security threats. 

Custom Webhook Updates 

Our Custom Webhook environments now allow custom key value pairs to be added to the headers when required for environments like AWS S3 or GCP Cloud storage (GCS) 

Traceable AI adds data collection support for Node.JS, HA Proxy, and NGINX Ingress

We have added the ability to collected data from Node.JS, HA Proxy, and NGINX Ingress.

  • Node.js: Our Node.js language agent can be used to collect data from and block malicious requests coming into Node.js applications.
  • HAProxy Support: We have added data collection options for capturing data from HA Proxy when its deployed in either standalone mode (VM) or Ingress-controller (K8s).
  • NGINX Ingress Support: Traceable AI can now also collect data from the NGINX ingress controller. The addition expands the available options for supported web servers that work with Traceable AI.