The March 29th zero-day vulnerability in the Spring Core Java framework, dubbed ‘Spring4Shell’ (and since then assigned the CVE designation CVE-2022-22965) once again caused a panic in the software world.

Another vulnerability that allowed unauthenticated remote code execution on vulnerable applications! Was it another Log4Shell? Similar naming.

Although there was confusion in the opening days, as there usually is, our great software security community once again pulled together with all its might to make sure we could protect as many people as quickly as possible and contain the damage.

At Traceable AI we also dove in to understand how we could help our customers and the industry in general with this new vulnerability and all the attacks sure to follow. You can read our breakdown of Spring4Shell in our earlier blog.

Today we are happy to make available a quick start guide on how to easily and quickly set up Traceable AI to help protect against the Spring4Shell related attacks. The guide shows how to set up Traceable AI, whether you are using our free tier or a paid tier, in a manner of minutes. We hope it will help both our customers and anyone else who is looking for an instant shield against Spring4Shell.

Traceable AI

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